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The Baha'i Communities of Knox County

Farragut Bahá’í s
The Farragut LSA serves the City of Farragut, Tennessee.
Contact: Shargi Rahmanian at BahaisofFarragut@yahoo.com

Knoxville Bahá’í s


The Knoxville LSA serves the City of Knoxville from its Center located at 1323 Hannah Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee. The Center also serves as a meeting place for community-wide meetings and devotionals.


Contact: Khoji Bahrami at: Knoxvillesecretary@hotmail.com

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I'm a title. Click here to edit me.

Bahá’í s of Knox County


The Knox County LSA serves the entire unincorporated area of Knox County, Tennessee.


Contact: Deborah Edwards at: bahaiknoxcountytn@yahoo.com